Horizontal Glass Drilling Done Easy

The CGZK0222 can operate as a dual side driller or top-down only as desired by the operator. When in dual mode, the bottom drill is activated first and rises using an advanced damping control system that precisely engages the bottom side of the glass. Bottom-up drilling depth is controlled via an operator adjusted limit switch. Once the bottom drill has automatically released, the top drill starts and is manually lowered by the operator. The CGZK0222 offers different operating speeds for varying diameters and glass thickness. The unit comes with stop guides for repetitive drilling. The CGZK0222 has a unique water flotation system for maneuvering thin glass. This system can also be used for preparing the drill table area and assuring there is no leftover debris that may scratch the glass. With a table height of only 3’, the CGZK0222 is ideal for loading and drilling glass of all shapes and sizes