EG-CM2718B – Cutting Table

Cutting Table


A complete and easy to operate X-Y-Z glass cutting solution complete with air flotation, hydraulic tilting, 3 breaking bars, stand alone control panel, Microsoft operating system, six individually foot-operated control pedals, automatic glass positioning scanner, optimization cutting software - including inventory and waste control, remnant piece identification, hundreds of easily adjustable built in templates of various shapes, drawing software, label creator, template scanner and modifier, and much more all included at no additional cost.

The table base is fabricated using heavy wall tubular steel. The table top is a high density composite material fitted with an abrasive resistant needle punched carpet ensuring complete flatness. The table edges have replaceable wear resistant wooden trim to protect all sides of the carpet from abrasive corner and edge wear. The table is equipped with a heavy duty air flotation system and/or two breaking bars or transfer belts if to be used on a cutting line.

The sliding guide rails and gearing racks (made in Germany) are housed on the machine base and driven by Panasonic servo motors and Yaskawa frequency converters all controlled by a Siemens PLC.

The graphical cutting software - PERFECT CUT (Italy) CAD – runs on Windows XP and is hosted on a standard type computer with a Pentium Dual Core processor thereby enabling the company to link the Eagle CNC cutting machine to its file sharing network. Files can be created in a separate office and sent directly to the Eagle Cutting Table for execution. The PERFECT CUT software also features the option of allowing the operator to select from an extensive database of over 100 predefined shapes and either modify, edit, and/or build on to them, introduce custom .dxf drawings from outside CAD software, or use the standard laser scanning feature to incorporate a new design from a template. The robust nature of the PERFECT software provides the operator with a graphical cutting map that optimizes the usage of each glass sheet based on the pending jobs in queue. The software further graphically details the breakout pattern for the operator after the scoring function has been completed.

R.O. PERFECT Cutting Software.


The laser scanner fitted to the head unit automatically recognizes the position of the glass sheet placed on the worktable eliminating the need to square the glass against wearable and error prone stoppers. A sheet of glass is simple set on the table area, the scanner reads the position of the glass, and the cutting operation is precisely executed.