The JGS Sandblasting series is your solution for uniform sandblasting in an enclosed and computer controlled environment. Equipped with a SIEMENS (Germany) PLC computer the three automatic blasting guns smoothly follow your parameters for height, speed, area to blast, and density ensuring a consistent finish every time. The computer can store up to 9 different programs. The operator can designate, on a given piece, if only a subset or the entire unit should be sandblasted. Within the same program, he can control the number of times the sprayer passes over a given area and/or if the area should be sprayed by one or two guns. The program also controls the speed and rate in which the glass advances. The ITGS1800 has a third available sprayer that can be operated manually and the glass advance controlled by foot pedal. The ITGS1800 comes with a closed filtration system to recalculate the aluminum oxide and reduce waste.


Sandblast Control Panel


Speed: 1m2=4-5min
Maximum glass working High size: 1800mm
Can set to open top
Minimum Glass Size: 200 x200 mm
Glass thickness: 2-50mm
Power consumption: 4KW
Power supply: 220V, 3 phase 60Hz +/- 5%
Working pressure: 7-8 bar
Compressed air consumption: 2000liter/min
(Approx. 70.69cfm) Or 15 Horsepower
Number of Auto Guns: 2pcs
Number of Manual Gun: 1pc
Number of hoses: 6 pcs
Aspirator delivery: 500m3/h
Abrasive material: Aluminum oxide
Installed dimensions: 4600x1450xH2700mm
Total machine weight: 1700Kg
Dust collector build in sandblast machine
Auto-clean hoses per 3 min.