CNC Aluminum Machine

Double Head Cutting Saw CNC

  • Fully automatic double head CNC cutting saw.
  • It includes the POWER AUTOMATION (Germany) CNC system, which is precise, efficient and allows connection with construction systems for reading optimized cutting sheets and machining centers using bar codes.
  • Prismatic linear guide system in the moving head and feed guaranteeing the precision of the machine’s operation and cutting.
  • Moving head controlled by high-speed servomotor.
  • Each motor is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder with a speed adjustment.
  • The machine is controlled by a color touch screen computer system.
  • Automatic switch option for cutting angle at 45° and 90°.
  • Automatic profile height measurement caliper for a correct 45º cut.
  • Self-adhesive thermal label printer. 
  • 550mm diameter carbide saw blade for a high quality and durable cut.
  • Automatic Protection Guards.
  • Automatically driven profile intermediate supports.

23 Axis CNC Four Head Corner Crimping Machine

• Used for Aluminum window/door for corner crimp at one cycle time
• Transferring, Corner Locating and Crimping knife pushing all controlled by the servo-motor driving (23 units servo motor ), ensure the synchronization of crimping and high accuracy of crimp result, and realize a high complete automation processing work.
• The unique Angle auxiliary pressing component can realize the functions of leading angle, continuous collision angle positioning, external angle positioning, upper pressing group angle positioning
• The inner angle positioning adopts pneumatic lifting design, when the frame is in and out, the inner angle
positioning device is hidden under the working table plate, which can realize fast and smooth loading and
• Two sets single knives, using positive and negative ball screw servo drive, good synchronization, Servo torque control to ensure the depth and precision of the tool.
• The whole machine adopts 23 servo motor drive, with precision linear guide rail, efficient automation, high precision movement.
• Equipped with the industrial computer to realize the control, the application of data interaction technology.

4 Axis CNC Machine Center

• CNC machining center with 4 electric axes with movement by servomotor.
• Power Automation (Germany) System, with an intelligent interface 
• Professional CNC software with 3D programming process.
• Allows integration with other softwares (Hetmo, Orgadta, SmartWindow, among others) through a barcode system.
• It Process aluminum door and window profiles, facade profile, as well as industrial profiles.
• Milling, drilling, threading, chamfering, and other high-precision operations.
• Electric bench rotation system using a servomotor.
• Automatic tool change (6 stations) with integrated automatic tool measuring gauge.
• 4 automatic positioning pneumatic clamps with a total of 8 CNC axis for a fully automatic operation (each clamp with servo motor)
• Axle movement through racks and Gears.
• Mechanic Stop for zero measurements on the right and left side, allowing profiles up to 6 meters in length to be worked.

15 Axis CNC Machine Center

Automatic CNC station, primarily used for cutting aluminum profiles. Includes and auto feeding feature which can also be connected with a complete production line. 


• Ideal for routing and cutting
• Integrated turn table
• 360° head rotation
• Angle cutting range: -45°, 45° and 90°
• Multiple axis working at the same time

4/5 Axis CNC Machine Center

The CNC center for cutting and machining aluminum profiles (and other metals or plastics) is equipped with a programmable rotary spindle to work any angle between 0-180 degrees and an independent cutting unit that can be automatically tilted at 45-90-135°

• Automatic tool changer
• 12 profile clamping jaws
• Pneumatic refernece pins
• 3D Programming software
• 10 standardd tool positioning

4 Axis CNC Routing Machine

Our CNC routing machines is primarily used for holes, milling slots, flat engraving and irregular shapes.

  • The X axis adopts high precision rack and helical gear.
  • The Y and Z axes adopt high-precision ball screw transmission: constant transmission and high precision.
  • The system uses a preset program template to automatically transform and process the G code making it a very easy machine to operate.