The CY-CNC -4228 Multi-Function Series is a computer controlled glass cutting system with an optimization program for scoring and glass break out of 4000x2800mn (157”X110”) maximum sized glass sheeting for 3-19mm thick glass.

The CY CNC glass cutting machine is the optimal solution for cutting glass in various shapes and sizes. It operates a multi-axis cutting mechanism that automatically adjusts the pressure exerted by the cutting wheel on the glass surface based on the geometry of the cutting path. The cutting head makes use of BOHLE Silberschnitt cutting wheels (Germany) for superior cutting results and long life. The lubricating system for the cutting head is also regulated according to cutting speed and geometry thus eliminating waste, increasing efficiency, and resulting in a perfect score every time.

The table base is fabricated using heavy wall tubular steel. The table top is a high density composite material fitted with an abrasive resistant needle punched carpet ensuring complete flatness. The table edges have replaceable wear resistant wooden trim to protect all sides of the carpet from abrasive corner and edge wear. The table is equipped with a heavy duty air flotation system and/or two breaking bars or transfer belts if to be used on a cutting line.

The sliding guide rails and gearing racks (made in Austria) are housed on the machine base and driven by Yaskawa frequency converters controlled by a TECNOS CAM bus.

The graphical cutting software – Optima (Italy) CAD – runs on Windows and is hosted on a standard type computer with a Pentium Dual Core processor. Optima acts as both the cost based optimizer and CNC executor of the cut file. The Optima software also features over 100 predefined shapes that can be modify, and/or edited for easy of cutting such as out of square shower door panels. The software further graphically details the breakout pattern for the operator after the scoring function has been completed. The laser scanner fitted to the head unit automatically recognizes the position of the glass sheet placed on the worktable eliminating the need to square the glass against wearable and error prone stoppers. A sheet of glass is simple set on the table area, the scanner reads the position of the glass, and the cutting operation is precisely executed.

Technical Parameters:

Maximum glass size: 4000*2800mm (157”X110”)
Cutting thickness: 3~19mm
Maximum depth of suction: 700mm (according to the need to be special development)
Maximum Glass Load Weight: 600KG (1320lbs)
No of Suction Arms: 3 arms
No. of Suction Cups per Arm: Three
Electrical Requirements: 60HZ / 220V 3ph
Power: about 12KW
Required Compressed air: 0.5~0.7Kpa
Y axis running Speed: 5m / min (frequency conversion)
Table Height: 900 + 20mm (35-36”)
Cutting Accuracy: ±0.2mm


Technical Description:

Glass Lift Mechanism: The machine employs a mechanical lift mechanism that uses suction cups to lift the glass and recline it to the table. The angle for the suction cups is adjustable. The maximum grabbing depth is 27”.
Locating Devices: All locating devices use two sets of sensors, which can ensure a safe and stable operation of the equipment.
Alarm Device: Detects abnormal situations which an automatically alarm and display. With emergency stop switch, it can be controlled in the presence of abnormal.
Operator Interface: The LCD touch screen display interface, Chinese display module, the operation is convenient and fast (can be installed in English language interface)

Cutting software:

This unit is sold with (1) one user license for the Optima Cost Optimizing Cutting Software. Additional license may be obtained from Optima SRL – Italy.
The Software comes equipped with a comprehensive library of existing shapes that can be modified dimensionally by the user.
The cutting software had the feature to optimize cuts based on the size of the stock sheets entered and the desired quantity, shape, and dimension of the glass order. 4)The cutting path selection function. Make sure to reach the best cutting speed.
Operation input: The parameter entry to the table is standard keyboard and mouse. The interface comes in Chinese / English
Scoring Wheel: The pressure for the scoring wheel is controlled by the Optima program and is self adjusted based on the glass thickness.