Meet our BEST SELLER! This machine is the workhorse of hundreds of fabricators in the USA, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Easy to change from a flat polisher to a miter edger and able to process glass with thickness ranging from 3/16” up to 1” at a flick of a switch, the DJM9L (formerly the DJ252) has won over our customers with its ease of operation, durability, versatility, and simplicity of control time and time again. With the DJM9L you will produce edges and miters with brilliant bevel quality.


The DJM9L is simple to operate and maintain. Production speed is controlled via a motorvariator. Glass thickness is selected through a toggle switch linked to a servomotor and a digital display; the aris wheels automatically adjust with each thickness selected. A separate toggle switch controls the contact angle of the first 5 cup-wheels that swing upwards to produces the desired miter angles (flat to 60°) for your shower enclosure corners. Each spindle has an associated amp-meter enabling the operator to precisely regulate the degree of contact with the glass. A separate stainless steel compartment, separates the wet cerium felt wheel from the rest of the polishing wheels.


The entry and exit arms are both equipped with a precise and easy to use gear reduction box that enables the operator to lower or raise the height of both arms independently. This is especially beneficial when controlling the desired amount of glass removal without having to adjust each spindle individually or when producing miter angles on large heavy sheets such as 19mm (3/4”) glass. For example, with a turn of the handle (not shown in the picture), the entry arm can be lowered or raised to obtain the desired amount of glass removal. Similarly, the exit arm can be regulated to the precise exit height of the glass during miter production.


The DJM9L is delivered complete with all of its wheels, stainless steel water tank, and stainless steel cerium tank with agitator and 2 pumps.


2- optional arm extensions measuring 1m (40”) long each are available and recommended when running extra large pieces:


The DJM9L comes with a one-year parts warranty.