The DLZ25 CNC vertical glass-drilling machine is one of the most reliable drilling machines on the market. It is designed for drilling flat glass sheets measuring 150mm-2500mm (6”- 98”) high and over 500mm (19.5”) wide. Workable glass thickness range is from 5 to 30mm (3/16” – 1 3/16”). The machine utilizes an advanced CNC servomotor control system. The DLZ25 has an optimization function for high precision positioning, processing routing, and status display.

The machine is easy to operate and maintain – place the glass on the transmitting belt, input the glass dimensions and drill positions, and press “Start.”

A second dual-sided drilling head for multiple drilling and/or increased production may be optionally purchased and fitted for: USD $27,000.00

The DLZ25 comes with a one-year parts warranty.