The DS1 shape edging and beveling machine is a must in every shop. Whether you are edging/beveling complicated shapes, circles, ovals or matching a bevel on your arched pieces, the DS1 is your simple low cost solution. The DS1 is equipped with a bi-direction rotating table, dual speed spindle head, and 2 cup adapters for small pieces down to 4” in diameter. The machine comes complete with its vacuum, water pumps and control panel. The DS1 can bevel, edge grind and polish – Pencil, OG, Flat etc.

Round and oval pieces can be beveled or polished with very little intervention from the operator. An arm-locking device enables you to produce precise diameter sizes while the DS1’s dual-speed spindle head is ideal for switching between grinding and polishing operations. The vacuum cups, located on the rotation table, are independently controlled and an air pressure regulator enables the operator to adjust the amount of force exerted by the assisting pneumatic piston during polishing operations.

Table rotation is bi-directional and its speed is controlled via a motorvariator. The table can be also be set to “move freely”. A special adapter for small pieces can be used with any of the 3 different cup sizes provided and can also be set at any rotation speed.

The machine comes COMPLETE, with all 4 wheels needed for beveling (1 diamond, 1 resin, 1 polishing and 1 felt), 1 set of diamond wheels for 12mm glass pencil and 2 polishing wheels. The DYM1 also includes a vacuum pump, air compressor, water pump, tools, electric cabinet, and all different hoses and electric wires needed for operation.