With 11 spindles, the DB371D is an extremely smooth and fast beveling machine. As with all Deway machines, the DB371D is very easy to operate and control, with a toggle of a switch you can change the glass thickness, desired bevel angle and bevel width with each parameters indicated in easy to read digital displays including one that totals the linear meters processed to help you manage your costs. The wheels have a direct drive configuration and their layout consists of 3 diamonds, 3 resins, 1 rubber, 3 felts, and 1 profiling wheel for bottom edging. Individual ammeters allow you to precisely set and control each one of the spindles at any given time.

The running speed of the machine is easily adjustable at the motorvariator.

The machine comes complete with all its wheels, water and cerium tanks,pumps, tools, and manuals.

A special DB371-P is also offered with a touch screen computer to control all operating parameter. The computer will save frequently used settings and automatically reset the machine to previously used parameters allowing you to

2 2- optional arm extensions measuring 1m (40”) long each are available and recommended when running extra large pieces.

The DB371D comes with a one-year parts warranty.