The DZYM7 is a very unique profiling machine. Unlike other machines in its class, the DZYM7 has two aris wheels at the glass entrance. This design assists in the glass removal of the bottom edges and thereby extends the life of the profiling wheels.
With its 5 spindles, you can quickly and easily obtain a high quality polish in any profile including flat edge with aris. The machine is shipped complete with a set of wheels of your desired profile and glass thickness, its stainless steel water tank, water pump, a set of spare electrical components, and tools. Additional sets of wheels can be ordered with the machine if desired. 2- optional arm extensions measuring 1m (40”) long each are available and recommended when running extra large pieces.

The DZYM7 is a forward thinking profiling edger. Equipped with an innovative design of incorporating two 45° cup wheel grinders at the start of glass processing, the DZYM7 prolongs the life of your profiling wheels while speeding up the glass polishing process. The DZYM7 is a perfect solution for Pencil, Flat, OG, WaterFall, Bull Nose, and other decorative profile finishes.

The DZYM7 comes with a one-year parts warranty.