Glass Tempering Furnace

Being able to control your glass production is high on the “wants and hopes” of any fabricator. Owning your own tempering oven makes that a reality. Jordon Glass Machinery has partnered with Luoyang Gangxin to bring glass tempering to your fingertips. Our furnaces are efficient, easy to use, and affordable. They come in different sizes and layout configurations to best fit your production needs. We provide training and local support so that you get your glass fabrication under your control.

Double Belted Ceramic rolls ensure smooth operation

Computer controlled heating programs ensure glass flatness and highest optical quality

Sound retardant enclosure protects the quench/cooling section.

Multi-zone heating elements and forced convection ensure glass heating uniformity

Secondary control panels at the quench provide the operator with improved ease of use

Jordon Glass Tempering Oven Overview

Power Saving Blowers

Our blowers are controlled via variable drives that electronically slow or speed up the rotational speed of the impeller for adjustable air pressure and to save energy.

Made to Fit your Space

Design layouts can be modified to meet your space. The blower(s) can be positioned on a mezzanine or floor. Perpendicular to the furnace or in-line.

Technology at your Fingertips

Air knives are independently adjustable for the top and bottom sections for better control to achieve glass flatness.

Multiple size and layout designs available

Our furnaces are designed to meet your needs. Based on the glass thickness you wish to temper and/or the available space. We work with you to select the furnace layout that best suits your production needs.

Why a Jordon Glass Tempering Furnace


We know buying a tempering oven is a big investment that requires preparation. Jordon Glass can assist you in the pre-planning phase from machine size selection, plant layout, and furnace location to product flow. We are here to help you.


Our in-house technicians fly out to your location to install your glass tempering oven. We train you in the operation of the furnace and make sure you understand the functionality of the whole machine.

Tempering Knowledge

Thermal and fluid dynamics may have been mentioned in a class you took on physics. Now, it comes into play. Once the furnace is set up and running, our knowledgeable technicians explain to you the interplay of heat and air flow and how that affects your glass. We train you and your operator in how to dial in your heating recipes and get optimal tempered glass with little to no distortion.

Post Installation

Now your furnace is installed. You’re trained. The next step is to get certified. Jordon Glass assists you with the certification process making sure your tempered glass meets ASTM C 1048, ANSI Z97.1, & ASTM C 1036 requirements.

Customer Service

There is a lot to absorb after a tempering furnace installation. Questions always come up post installation. We are here to help. Jordon Glass has years of experience in tempering furnace installations. Our support team can answer any technical, procedural, or mechanical question you may have.

Customer Support

Our in-house factory trained technicians are here to assist you in resolving challenges that may come up. Over the years, we have installed, moved, reinstalled, and serviced many glass tempering ovens, even some that are not ours.

Spare parts

Making sure your furnace is always operating is a high priority for us and that is why we carry an inventory of critical spare parts in-house

Technical Details


* Sample layout for tempering size 84"x 120" - (Glass Range 1/4" - 3/4") Model: GX-QDLP2130