Tempered Bent Glass made with our Glass Tempering  Furnace

Tempering Furnace Main Features

At Jordon Glass, we recognize the difficulties a small to medium size glazer faces in controlling the quality of their glass production. Having to depend on a third party processor for tempering can adversely impact the turn around time to your customers and hinder your control over product quality.
Our furnaces can be manufactures to your exact needs in regards to size, glass thicknesses to process etc. and we can built them to meet any kind of desired productivity of sq.mts per hour, offering single, double, triple bay or continuous models.

All of our Tempering Furnaces offer the capability to work the most difficult types of LOW-E Glasses at no added cost, as well as any kind of reflectives, , keeping a superb quality.

Our exclusive Forced Aspiration convection system reduces the heating time from the normal standard. Excellent insulation materials minimize heat losses. Our precise control of the blowers and the quench minimizes the power needs, avoiding the cumbersome manual air dampers to regulate air flows.
Our research has found the “Bath Enclosure” industry to be one of the fastest growing sectors in glass glazing. In collaboration with our partners in China, we have developed a special furnace with all the latest innovations in tempering technology at an affordable price. Whether you have a large production volume or look to only operate the furnace once or twice a week, our furnaces allow you to take control of your production and quickly recover your return on your investment.

Our prices include all the technician time for installation and training plus one year guarantee.
*Give us a call and allow us to transform your life.

• Available for flat and/or bent glass
• Computer controlled
• Roller oscillation via variable speed motors
• Software in English and Spanish
• Touch screen operation for ease of use
• Computer controlled quenching section
• Quench blowers controlled by frequency drivers
• All units available with FORCED CONVECTION and suitable for LOW–E glass
• SO2 delivery system included
• Highly efficient thermal insulation for energy savings
• Installation included
• One year warranty
• 95% minimum efficiency

Technical Introduction

A) Loading Zone

• Silicone Rubber rollers for non-scratch loading
• Available with side loading roller
• Pneumatic nested castor table for glass rotation
• Foot pedal advance
• Computer controlled entrance speed

C ) Quenching Zone

• TECO VFD controlled blower speeds for air pressure regulation
• Independently controlled upper and lower air knives (distance to glass)
• Energy saving idle-to-full ramp blower function Air Flow
• Oscillation speed & distances controlled by computer
• Perfect air flow control
• Kevlar wrapped transmission rollers
• Acoustic Dampening enclosure

B ) Heating Zone

• State of the art energy saving insulation
• Individualized multi-point heating zones
• High Accuracy thermocouples
• Auxiliary heaters at entrance and exit
• Computer Controlled movement displacement
• Included Forced Air Convection
• Protected lower heating elements
• Centralized electric connections
• Double belt roller drives for ceramic rollers
• Included SO2 gas dissemination system
• Computer controlled heating mapping

D ) Unloading Zone

• Silicone Rubber rollers for safe unloading
• Safety optical switch at end of table to stop glass fallout
• Inspection lights

Prices for other countries may vary.

All figures are valid for a max Altitudes above sea level of 3000 ft.