The JGS1800 Sandblaster utilizes a PLC computer made to control its X&Y movements and sandblast density. It simple operation, allows the user to define the area for sandblast as well as the number of guns (1-3) to be used. The program also controls the speed and rate by which the glass advances. The JGS1800 has a third available sprayer that can be operated manually and the glass advance controlled by foot pedal. The JGS1800 comes with a separate stand alone closed filtration system to circulate the aluminum oxide/garnet and reduce waste.


Advance speed: 3m²=1-2min
Maximum workable height: 1800mm (72”)
Minimum workable glass dimension: 200X500mm
Glass thickness range: 3-50mm
Power: 3.5Kw
Aspirator delivery: 3m³/min (106 CFM)
Compressed air consumption: 2000 liters/min
Electrical requirements: 220V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Automatic sprayer guns: 3pc
Manual sprayer guns: 1pc
Abrasive material: Aluminum Oxide / Garnet
Blaster Overall dimensions: 6800×1500×2600mm (LXWXH)
Dust Collector Size: 760 X 760 X 3040mm ((LXWXH)
Machine weight: 1700kg