Semi-automatic Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

Jordon Glass Machinery is pleased to present the JG-LamiCut-3826 laminated-glass cutting table.

The JG-LamiCut-3826 can cut laminated glass sheets up to 3660X2440mm (144”X96”) with a thickness range of 3+0.38+3mm (1/8”+0.015mil+1/8”) to 10mm+3.04+10mm (3/8” +0.120mil+3/8”). The cutting method consists of top and bottom scorers followed by pressure-breaking wheels and heating lamps. The table comes complete with holding clamps, air flotation, and touch screen PLC. The JG-LamiCut-3826 offers a simple and economical way to cut laminated glass sheets and is ideal for small-to-medium sized window fabrication shops.