BO 665-0 for Glass to Glass



·Crystal clear

·Low-viscosity = thin-bodied

·Excellent capillary action

·Relatively hard and brittle

Suitable bonding materials:

·Glass to glass

BO 665-0 for glass to glass, 100gr/100cc,


This UV adhesive is crystal-clear and thin-bodied (low viscosity). It displays very good capillary properties allowing it to be applied from the outside and penetrating into the gap by itself of pre-assembled sheets.

Due to its high purity this adhesive is used in applications where high optical standards have to be met, such as in the construction of glass cabinets, glass furniture, etc. It is particularly suitable for bonding glass to glass.

The adhesive’s low viscosity makes time-consuming reworking unnecessary, so that it can be applied rapidly and most economically. Highly suitable for application of VERIFIX dispensing systems.

As with almost all UV curing adhesives, the B-665-0 is not durably water-resistant. The use of the adhesive as well as the finished objects in wet environments should be avoided to prevent any possible loss of strength.

The cured adhesive is very hard, i.e. little elastic. This characteristic must be considered when constructing glass objects.