BO 682-0 for Glass to Metal, Stone, Wood




·Medium viscosity = thick-bodied

·Very high final strength

Suitable bonding materials:

·Glass to Metal

·Glass to Glass

·Glass to Wood

·Glass to Stone

·Glass to (some) thermoplastics

BO 682-0, for Glass to Glass, Metal, Stone, Wood.


This UV curing adhesive is transparent but not completely clear. It is relatively thick-bodied (medium viscosity) and must be applied to the bonding surface prior to assembling the parts.

Due to the very high final strength of this adhesive, it is especially suitable for statically demanding bonds. Glass/metal bonds work out especially well – it is preferably used when bonding material hinges to glass doors.

Many other materials can be bonded with this adhesive. Apart from metal and glass, it is also suitable to bond stone, wood and a variety of thermoplastics to glass. As not all thermoplastics can be bonded, prior trials are always recommended when working with these materials.