BO 690-0 Humidity resistant



·Crystal clear

·Relatively thin consistency

·Acceptable capillary action

·High elasticity

·High absorption of vibration

Suitable bonding materials:

·Glass to Glass

·Glass to Metal

·Glass to Wood

·Glass to Stone

·Glass to (some) thermoplastics

BO 690-0 Humidity resistant, 85gr/100cc,


This adhesive is also relatively thin in consistency (medium viscosity), crystal clear and shows good capillary action with glass up to 6 mm.

As this adhesive absorbs very little water and its mechanical characteristics change only minimally when in contact with moisture, it is especially suitable for bonds that are exposed to humidity (bathrooms, outdoors, etc.).

However, this adhesive must not be completely covered with water – shower cabinets, etc., must be sealed with a crystal clear silicone. This adhesive is not suitable for aquariums.

The relatively high elasticity is an advantage when bonding brittle materials such as glass as it compensates for tensions and vibrations. This also applies when bonding different materials to each other, such as glass to wood, to metal and some thermoplastics.

This adhesive is also very suitable to bond larger surfaces up to max. 1 m2. It spreads well and prevents the forming of disturbing air bubbles which are hard to remove.