Double Edger

The Double Edger Series machine is suitable for grinding two straight-line edges at the same time. Works perfect on furniture glass, architectural glass, electrical appliances and more. The machine adopts to a high precision transmission structure with two linear guiding bars and two ball bearing guide screws.


We offer a series of glass double edging machines for flat and/or pencil finishes. Double edging machines process glass horizontally while polishing opposing edges concurrently. These machines are ideal for high volume production where parallel sides are a must. Machine configurations vary from small to large. Our EEE models, for example, can polish glass as small as 40mmX40mm while our larger double-edgers can polish glass that is up to 4.5m (177”) per dimension. Depending on your polish requirements, our machines come fitted with 8-spindle motors (4 per side) to upwards or 24-spindles (12-per side). Double glass edgers may work in sequence with a second double-edger or as standalone unit. When working in sequence, a glass turntable is fitted between the double-edger machines to turn the glass so that all 4-sides of the glass piece are polished in a single pass of the line. Our machines come with optional scanning software to automatically adjust the line. The software can scan bar codes or QR codes. A top-of-the-line Schneider 10.7” bright color superior touch interface allows the operator to control speed, glass thickness and more.

 Highlighted Features

  • ABB Motors
  • Pencil or cup wheels available
  • Custom sizes available
  • Optical Glass Sensor
  • Touch screen interface
  • Fast adjust to different glass width