The DZJX3 is a multi-head glass drilling machine. Three spindle sets, top and bottom, work independently for the glass drilling operation.


Each spindle set can be fitted with a different sized drill bit for ease of operator use. The spindle uses ½” thread Belgium mount drill bits. The drilling hole diameter can range from 5-110mm (3/16” -4”).

Bottom-spindles rise automatically. The top-spindle drilling heads are manually activated and operated. A hand adjustable dial controls the elevating height of the lower drill bit.
Coolant water flows through the center of the spindle.

The distance from the drilling head-center to the throat of the machine is 50”.

A four-post height adjustable table with pneumatic lifting pistons raises and lowers the glass for maneuvering and positioning. Glass maneuvering is achieved over a series of non-marking polyurethane caster wheels.