Eco Box

The Eco³Box is quick and easy to install. The unit comes complete with its own circulating tank (to replace your existing coolant tank), centrifugal filtering water pump, and tank agitators (waste capture container is sold separately).

The Eco³Box system is a water filtration system that separates and discards floating glass particles found in your coolant grind-water and discards them in a simple and environmentally friendly way. Eliminating floating glass particles from your coolant water prolongs the life of your machine and ensures that your machine has a constant flow of clean water to the grinding & polishing wheels. This helps you obtain a brighter finish on your glass edge and bevel trim.


The unit uses a pressurized filtration system that captures the glass-particles suspended in the coolant water via an internal filter. Once the filter is full, the system dries the glass slurry into a soft solid of silica-waste that is then discarded from the Eco³Box.