FV1000 – Drilling/Milling Machine

The Schiavo FV1000 is an Italian made CNC vertical milling and drilling machine aimed at the small to medium sized market.


The FV1000 uses 4 motorized axes – 3 axes in the central body and 1 for the clamp positioning. The axes for the central body consist of 3 high-speed ball screws controlled by CNC. The milling is cooled by external water which flows through and onto the tool.

The glass is held by a clamp support system that firmly holds the piece during the milling process. The FV1000 comes with user-friendly software that allows the loading of a series of different working programs. The software includes a library of built-in notches that can be modified and stored for operator selection. Other loading procedures include the use of ISO programming or importing DXF Files loaded by USB drive or network.

The FV1000 is equipped for REMOTE FACTORY SUPPORT.

Milling Drilling Tool