Waterjet Bridge or Cantilever



Waterjet cutting systems are one of the more economical and versatile methods of cutting any material. Soft material like wood siding to hard material like structural steel can be cut with a waterjet system. Waterjet cutting is clean and accurate. Water jet systems have the advantage of not producing a heat affected zone as other methods of cutting do. The operation and maintenance of a waterjet system is simple enough to train on the job.

A Waterjet cutting system consists of 3 major units; a hydraulic pumping system, a water pressure system, a cutting head system. Potable water of at least 40psi is introduced through a filter bank to a high-pressure cylinder where the water is compressed by a plunger operated by the hydraulic pumping system. The pressurized water is then delivered through high pressure components through a tiny orifice, then through a nozzle, and then directed to the material that will be cut by means of a numeric control system.  A pump’s horse power is linked to the volume of water that it displaces and has available to cut the desired material. Final cutting pressure is not necessarily linked to the horse power of the pump. A 10HP pump and a 30HP pump, for example, can generate the same amount of cutting PSI (60,000psi) with the appropriate cutting orifice. A pump with higher horse power, however, is able to deliver the same level of high pressure, but with a greater volume of water.


  • Room temperature range 35-120ºF
  • Relative Humidity ≤ 95% @120ºF
  • Drainage capacity adequate for intensifier pump system, typically 5-10 GPM
  • Separate Clean and ventilated room for repairs


  • Reciprocating controlled hydraulic pump system to deliver up to 3000psi (207Bar), optimum pressure 2750psi (190Bar), hydraulic oil with a maximum temperature below 110ºF (optimum operating temperature 105ºF; 55 strokes/min).
  • Potable water (PH 6-8) supplied at 40-85 psig through a filter bank system removing particles above 0.5 micron absolute. Contaminated water will severely reduce longevity of several waterjet system components. High pressure fittings, valves, and tubing to deliver 60kpsi water to a waterjet cutting head.