Laminating oven with two working surfaces built of a sturdy electro welded metallic frame, sandblasted and painted with epoxy enamel. It is equipped with independent trolleys which slide on ball bearings suitable for high temperatures. The trolleys are fully extractable for glass loading and unloading.

Key features

+ Support surface in Teflon net and aluminium sheet.

+ Heating chamber coated with dust proof low thermal inertia calcium silicate sheets with a limit temperature of 500°C.

+ Heating system with infrared heaters.

+ Heaters supports with ceramic insulators.

+ Heaters placed above and below the working surface.

+ Maximum temperature uniformity.

+ Temperature control on multiple independent zones.

+ Vacuum circuits with high efficiency and high capacity oil pump.

+ Possibility to adjust the vacuum based on the type of material, e.g. LCD, LED, glass fusing.

+ Silicon membranes with quick Lock Seal closing system.

+ Possibility to laminate flat and curved glass without using disposable bag.

+ Hydraulic retractable loading and unloading platform for space optimization.


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LamiJet 02