Brief Introduction

The LB1800 washer is a 71” closed top vertical glass washing machine. In standard form, the machine runs from right to left, but can be manufactured to run from left to right if the buyer desires. The machine operates 6 brushes on a separate two heated-tank system for the wash and rinse cycles. The wash section and water tanks are made of stainless steel. The LB1800 is suitable for regular or DI water use. The LB1800 can wash glass ranging from 3-12mm (1/8”-1/2”) with a minimum dimension of 14”X4” and has an automatic entry and exit feature that stops the machine if the glass reaches the end of the conveyor system after wash. The inlet arm measures 95” while the exit arm has a length of 123”. Glass loading height is 22”. A series of inspections lamps are located on the exit rack of the machine to evaluate the quality of the washed glass.